The most commonly used features are explained below.

Story Layouts

  • Full list — displays all the quiz content on one page or blog post
  • Slider — displays one question per page.


When an answer is given, the following happens:

  • Full list layout — scroll down to the next question
  • Slider layout — transition to the next question page


Answers Type Layouts

Choose Answers Type while editing question. Plugin allows creating questions with different answer layouts even within one single quiz.

  • List — Regular list of text answers.
  • Grid — Designed for media grids, but may be used without images as well. It will look like buttons then. You can set how many items per row you want to display (2—4).
  • Match (Trivia only) — The player is asked to type an answer from the keyboard.

Highlight Answer Outcome

While editing story, turn on Answer status feature. When answer is given, the answer box changes color to red (wrong) or green (correct).

You can also provide a description in addition to color highlighting. Edit any question, find Show explanation after any answer switcher and turn in on. Fill in your explanation and optionally add an image. That’s it!

Question Order

While editing story you can set questions order to user defined or random. If user defined is selected, you can go to Questions tab and change order with drag and drop tool.


Opt-in Form

You can use opt-in form as always visible or lock quiz results under the form. You can choose behavior and customize the form under plugin’s Settings tab.

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