Are You Actually Married To Your Best Friend?

*swaps friendship bracelets for wedding rings*

Check everything you you know about your BFF:

1. Middle name.
2. Phone number (by heart).
3. Mother’s maiden name.
4. Shoe size.
5. Zodiac sign.
6. Phone password.
7. Favorite food.
8. Least favorite food.
9. The kind of foods that make them gassy.
10. The time of day they were born.
11. The time they went to bed last night.
12. The time they woke up this morning.
13. The time of day they usually shower.
14. The first person they ever kissed.
15. Most-used emoji.
16. The name of every pet they’ve ever had.
17. The location where they hide an extra house key.
18. The name of their dentist.
19. The name of their favorite stuffed animal.
20. Allergies.
21. Sleeping position.
22. The date of their parents' birthdays.
23. What they ate for lunch today.
24. ATM PIN.
25. Their favorite color.
26. Their second favorite color.
27. What their farts usually sound like.
28. What their farts usually smell like.
29. The photo that’s currently their phone wallpaper.
30. The name of their aunt’s cat.
31. Go-to coffee order.
32. Go-to alcoholic drink order.
33. Go-to late-night snack.
34. The date of their half-birthday.
35. The brand of deodorant they use.
36. The brand of toothpaste they use.
37. The brand of shampoo they use.
38. The brand of tampons or condoms they use.
39. How much money is in their bank account.
40. How many days they’ll go without washing their underwear.
41. Which instrument they always wished they learned how to play.
42. Bra size.
43. The name of the Netflix show they’re currently watching.
44. Information about medical conditions that run in their family.
45. The movie that always makes them cry.
46. The movie that always makes them laugh.
47. The name they have picked out for their future kid.
48. The exact location they’re at RIGHT THIS SECOND.
49. What they look like naked.
50. And finally, the last time they pooped. And what it was like.

All 1 questions completed!

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Are You Actually Married To Your Best Friend?

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