Shortcode Demo: Trivia Match Slider View

This post was created for demo purpose of OnionBuzz shortcodes. You can check how stories look when you place them on blog posts or any page via shortcode. It differs from how it looks when you add stories via OnionBuzz native custom posts. Using shortcodes with WordPress blog posts you need to add featured image, title and description for the post in addition. While with native OnionBuzz custom post types you need to fill the story only.

Benefits of shortcodes are that you can add stories anywhere on your website. But with native plugin features you have less worries with formatting. And the great thing is that both methods work great together on one website.

In this Demo:

Let’s check how Trivia Match in Slider View mode looks like if we add it to this blog post.

Can You Score 6/6 In This First And Last Letter Country Quiz?


  1. A country is defined as a sovereign state that is recognised by more than half of the 193 UN member states.
  2. It doesn't matter if the country is more than one word long.
  3. The number of "..." between the letters is no indication of the country's length.

G**D L**K!

Can You Score 6/6 In This First And Last Letter Country Quiz?

Question 1 of 6.

I give up

Japan and Jordan.

Question 2 of 6.

I give up

Spain, South Sudan, Sudan, and Sweden.

Question 3 of 6.

I give up

India and Indonesia.

Question 4 of 6.

I give up

Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, and Monaco.

Question 5 of 6.

I give up

Ireland and Iceland.

Question 6 of 6.

I give up

Barbados, Bahamas, and Belarus.

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All 6 questions completed!

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Can You Score 6/6 In This First And Last Letter Country Quiz?

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This demo shows that you can place OnionBuzz shortocode anywhere inside the post or page. For example, that is not necessary to begin or end the post with OnionBuzz story. We placed it in the middle of our demo article. Thanks for watching!

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